Anat Hochberg-Marom Ph.D

An expert in international security and geopolitical crises.

Dr. Hochberg-Marom is a geopolitical consultant, researcher and speaker with abundant academic and business experience. She has worked for over 20 years with international governments, security agencies and businesses, covered emerging global political events, technological, and economic trends. She was a senior advisor at the Chinese prestigious Hainan CGE Foundation, dealing with the security dimension of the global BRI project, conducting policy recommendations and researches to the government.

Dr. Hochberg-Marom holds 4 academic degrees including international relationships, political science, business administration, political communication, political marketing and global terrorism. In 2015, as an expert on global terrorism, she was chosen by the U.S. State Department’s distinguished Leadership Program (IVLP) and met with a special envoy for global terrorism of president Barak Obama.

Dr. Hochberg-Marom is the author of a book “The Art of Marketing Terror 2019”, and multiple studies and papers, in Chinese among others, on the geopolitical implications of the global terrorism and the global pandemic on the economy, politics, technology, and the cyberspace. Since the outbreak of the Russian war against Ukraine, Dr. Hochberg-Marom deals with the analysis of the international crises from a broad and comprehensive geopolitical perspective, frequently publishes articles in the leading Israeli newspapers and appears on various local & international media channels  



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