The Art of Marketing Terror 2019

Dr. Anat Hochberg-Marom

The Art of Marketing Terror 2019
is based on years of in depth research into global terrorism and
ISIS’s operating methods , and seeks to bring the insights from that research to the general public in
a clear and engaging way. Its target audience includes anyone in any country around the globe who
has followed the rise of global terrorism in the news, and who wants to understand how it became
such a major factor in our live s and how we can combat it.
The Art of Marketing Terror 2019 , I analyze and explain ISIS’s immense impact on public
attention worldwide from a unique and innovative marketing perspective. I begin with a review of the
roots of jihadist ideology and its evolution up to the present day, as well as a brief look at geopolitical
changes in the Muslim world in re cent years. Then I describe how ISIS took marketing methods and
models from the business world, adapted them for the age of social media, and developed an
unmatched mastery in marketing terror, succeeding in reaching a variety of audiences in a range of
very different locations around the globe. The book shows how ISIS married cutting edge marketing
techniques to an uncompromisingly violent form of jihadism to create an entirely new form of global
I review ISIS’s successful methods of radicalization and recruitment around the world using its unique
marketing expertise, and examine in depth the motivations of its recruits from different regions. I also
review the radicalization process in various countries including in Central Asia and Southeast Asia .
In addition, I explore the role of women in ISIS’s radicalization and recruit ment effo rts, and in the
organization as a whole . Finally, I explore the global impact of ISIS’s revolutionary combination of
sophisticated marketing strategies with transnational terrorist activity, both within Islam and
throughout the world, and explain how jihadism (and global terrorism in general) is now better
positioned than ever to pursue its goals.
Obviously, the
struggle against ISIS and global terrorism will inevitably i nclude political, military and
security measures. However, it is also vital that we all gain a better understanding of how global
terrorism attracts millions of followers and supporters around the globe, wh o feel that it speaks to
their fears, frustrations, needs, and desires. The Art of Marketing Terror 2019 ex plains all t his and
more, thus offering an innovative approach to addressing the root causes of global terrorism.

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